GANNA Ensemble

Ganna Gryniva – voice, loops, compositions
Uli Kempendorff – tenor saxophone
Povel Widestrand – piano
Tom Berkmann – upright bass
Mathias Ruppnig – drums

GANNA is the international ethnic jazz ensemble from Berlin for which Ganna composes and arranges. As the voice of Ukrainian resistance, GANNA’s artistry is as beautiful as it is heartbreaking. A powerful blend of reinterpreted Ukrainian folk songs and modern jazz. Inspired by several musical research trips to different regions of Ukraine, GANNA awakens Ukrainian folklore to a second spring and takes the audience on a journey. Since 2015, the band has been performing all over Europe, delighting audiences at various festivals such as Jazzopen Stuttgart (DE) and Jazz in Park (RO), opening for Avishai Cohen (tr) and Gerald Clayton. On 30 November BERTHOLD records released GANNA’s new album HOME, which received remarkable acclaim from the music press.

HOME is certainly an album of the year, poignant, powerful, magnificently sung and played” – Ulrich Habersetzer, Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE)

Jazz highlight of the year (…) A mood and a voice that immediately captivate. It would be hard to sing about spring more beautifully than she does. These shimmering colours in the voice. This virtuosity of the singing. And this naturalness. Behind the singer there is also an excellent band. A strong team for very expressive music” – Roland Spiegel, BR Klassik (DE)

Her voice sounds clear as sparkling water when the music is more calm. But then it condenses into that vibrating, almost metallic tone that also resonates in the traditional singing. It’s combative courage without pathos, tenderness without cheesiness” – Odilo Clausnitzer, Deutschlandfunk Kultur (DE)

RECENTLY PLAYED AT Stockholm Women’s International Festival (SE), Jazzopen Festival Stuttgart (DE), XJAZZ Festival Berlin (DE), Jazz in Park Festival Cluj-Napoca (RU), transVOCALE Festival Frankfurt Oder (PL/DE), Green Hours Jazz Festival Bucharest (RU), Palatia Jazz Festival (DE), Elmau Jazz Festival (DE), Voicinger Festival Paris (FR), Voicingers Festival Riga (LV), Konzerthaus Berlin (DE), A-Trane Jazz Club Berlin (DE), BMC Opus Jazz Club Budapest (HU), Music Hall Odessa (UA), Jazz Club 32 Kyiv (UA), Nefertiti Jazz Club Gothenburg (SE), Huset Aalborg (DK), Maskinhallen Frederikshavn (DK) and other.




Ganna SOLO

Ganna Gryniva – voice, guitaret, loops

In her solo performance with loops and effects, Ganna Gryniva combines the authenticity and traditions of Ukrainian singing with contemporary composition. Everything starts with a simple melody embedded in a space full of unexpected harmonies, rhythms and atmospheres: live and all alone with the voice. 2023 BERTHOLD records released GANNA´s first solo album KUPALA.

“One of the best albums of the year with a conscious desire to get rid of all words for the sake of the ineffable.” Oleksandr Kovalchuk, Varianty (UA)

“Everyone can only be delighted by her highly virtuosic and at the same time down-to-earth and accessible music” – Rolf Thomas, JAZZTHETIK Magazin (DE)

“The old folk songs of her homeland (…) are touching, even if you don’t understand the lyrics without knowing Ukrainian. But it sounds so wonderfully poetic and soulful. And is also skilfully contrasted by the loops, samples and sounds with which Ganna surrounds her enchanting vocals.” – Christoph Giese, JazzThing Magazine (DE)

RECENTLY PLAYED AT Bucht der Träumer Festival, Open Ears Festival Mannheim, XJAZZ Festival Berlin, Theater Freiburg, Staatsoper Hannover, Volksbühne Berlin, Sparks & Visions Festival at Theater Regensburg, Franz Mehlhose Erfurt, Halle424 Hamburg and other.

ganna DUO
w/ Tal Arditi

Ganna Gryniva – voice, guitaret, loops, 
 Tal Arditi – guitar, voice

Two up-and-coming protagonists of the Berlin music scene Ganna Gryniva and Tal Arditi create an unexpected world of colors. Playfully and with great joy they improvise on old Ukrainian folk songs and original compositions.

At the age of 13, Ganna Gryniva came with her parents from Ukraine to Germany. Today she is considered “one of the most impressive singers and musicians on the European jazz and world music scene” (Mirjam Jessa, Ö1 Austria). Her new album HOME was released in November 2022 on BERTHOLD records and received great acclaim from the music press as “album of the year” (Ulrich Habersetzer, DLF Kultur) and “jazz highlight of the year” (Roland Spiegel, Bayerischer Rundfunk).
The story of Tal Arditi could be about him being a musical prodigy who completed his guitar studies at the tender age of 18. Or it could be about Tal packing his bags and moving to Berlin with nothing but a guitar. It could be a story about his debut album, which he released at the age of 18 and went on to play festivals and clubs all over Europe. And yet all of this only scratches the surface of Tal Arditi’s unique obsession with music and sound.

“Expressive, immensely diverse duo, equally intense and entertaining” – DLF Kultur radio (DE).

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen & ATlas ensemble

Ganna Gryniva – voice
Terkan Tekin – duduk, zurna
Sebastian Peszko – viola, voice
Wassim Mukdad – oud
Eyal Lovett – piano
Kenneth Dahl Knudsen – upright bass, composition


The award-winning and internationally recognized musician Kenneth Dahl Knudsen takes old musical traditions on a journey with an international and virtuoso six-piece orchestra that combines the musical worlds of classical music, jazz and folklore.

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