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cover Ganna-home


2022, BERTHOLD records
Music of Ukrainian resistance – beautiful and heartfelt. The album powerfully combines a reinterpretation of Ukrainian folk music and modern jazz. 

Spivanka Cover Art

GANNA – Spivanka (live)

Spivanka is living proof that Ukrainian folklore is alive, can connect generations and touch the hearts of people from all over the world.

GANNA – Dykyi Lys

2020, Double Moon Records, Jazz Thing
“The vixen and her pack: with Dykyi Lys they are preparing to expand their previous territory. Because artists like Ganna need space to be able to live out their very personal freedom.” – JazzThing


Tolyqyn - Tolyqyn

2020, Hey!blau Records
The band is cross-genre and takes up rock, jazz, Afro-Cuban rhythms, West African kora music, high life groove, folk music and other genres that have influenced the three musicians.


Nachtfarben - AIRA

2018, Unit Records
What happens to the colors when night falls. A picturesque ode to the night ft. Vincent von Schlippenbach aka DJ illvibe.