Ganna Gryniva

Vocalist, Composer, Pianist

“Strong voice, strong sound”
– Matthias Wegner, Deutschlandfunk Kultur


DONATE TO Ukraine-HIlfe Berlin e.V.

Dear friends, we need your help! Russia has attacked Ukraine. My friends and relatives have to hide in bunkers and metro stations. Some are trying to leave the country. The Ukrainian army is doing everything to defend the country. We need your help! Please donate to Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.; they work with Ukrainian organisations and provide humanitarian and medical aid.


NAME: Ukraine-Hilfe Berlin e.V.
BANK: Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE24 8306 5408 0004 8722 15



"Singing, educating and helping" - Sigrid Brinkmann (Deutschlandfunk Kultur)

In an interview on the national German radio Dlf Kultur, I talked about the role of culture in the war, about my encounters with Ukrainian refugees in Denmark and the urgent need to mediate and educate about what Ukrainian culture is and why it needs to be considered completely on its own.

Upcoming SHOWS

27. August 2022 19:00 GANNA Ensemble @ Open Air Lübeck (DE)

30. August 2022 19:00 GANNA Ensemble @ Kultursommer City West Berlin (DE)

03. September 2022 GANNA Ensemble @ Jazz in Park Cluj (RO)

04. September 2022 GANNA Ensemble @ Green Hours Jazz Fest Bucharest (RO)

16. September 2022 GANNA Ensemble @ St. Wendel Jazzfestival (DE)

23. September 2022 Ganna Gryniva & Tal Arditi @ Carl-Maria-von-Weber-Theater Bernburg (DE)

04. October 2022 20:00 Ganna Gryniva & Tal Arditi @ RBB Jazz Series / A-Trane Jazz Club Berlin (DE)

07. October 2022 GANNA Solo @ Kulturmarkt Bernburg

26. October 2022 GANNA Ensemble @ Voicingers Paris (FR)

03. November 2022 Christoph Bernewitz Trio ft. Ganna Gryniva @ tba Erfurt (DE)

10. November 2022 GANNA Ensemble @ Ingolstadt Festival (DE)

16. November 2022 GANNA Ensemble @ Literaturfest München (DE)

03. February 2023 GANNA Solo @ Kulturrat Bochum (DE)

04. February 2023 GANNA Solo @ Werkstatt / Gelsenkirchen (DE)

09. February 2023 GANNA Ensemble @ Konzerthaus Berlin (DE)