GANNA Ensemble

Ganna Gryniva – Voice, Loops, Effects, Compositions
Musina Ebobissé – Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone
Povel Widestrand – Piano
Tom Berkmann – Upright bass
Mathias Ruppnig – Drums

GANNA is a Berlin based contemporary jazz ensemble created by Ganna Gryniva. This band bridges several musical worlds from jazz to folk to experimental. Digging into the history and the mystery of the various traditions of making music, GANNA creates a neo-native language that derives its power from its deep roots and the constant desire to explore. Powerful soundscapes, strong grooves and softly floating melodies tell stories of small villages and slow trains; of smiling grandmas with colorful headscarves. Stories of many generations fighting for their independent identity; stories of the bittersweet melancholy that echoes in the vast landscapes of Ukraine.

WITER (Official Music Video) - August 2020, Double Moon Records & JazzThing Next Generation
SPIVANKA (Live in Delphi Berlin) - March 2021


Ganna Gryniva – voice, arrangements, effects, loop station

Ukrainian folk song "Sokolonko" - Live from home - May 2020


Ganna Gryniva – Vocals

Martin Bosch – Bass/Composition

Clemens Litschko – Drums / Percussion

Markus Rom – Guitar

Jonas Timm – Piano

Nachtfarben - 'AIRA' 2018

Kenneth Dahl Knudsen Modern Lyric Orchestra

Ganna Gryniva (UKR) – Vocal
Damir Bacikin (SER) – Trumpet
Dustin Drews (USA) – Alto sax/flute
Lars Zander (D) – Tenor/Bass Clarinet
Nils Marquardt (D) – Trombone
Daniel Weltlinger (AUS) – Violin
Cecilia Ferron (ITA) – Violin
Sebastian Peszko (PL) – Viola
Liron Yariv (ISR) – Cello
Igor Osypov (UKR) – Guitar
Uri Gincel (ISR) – Piano
Mathias Ruppnig (AUT)

Compositions rooted in Kenneths scandinavian heritage, but all limbs streched towards the four corners of the World. Award winning bassist Kenneth Dahl Knudsen has since his debut album (Strings Attached, 2010) played and toured all over the world from where he gathers inspiration and ideas to reinvent his own ideas and combine them with the impressions brought to him from Asia, South America, Afrika and Europe.


Joe Smith – drums
Ganna Gryniva – voice

What is Music? When does a sound become a musical piece or a part of it? Does any sound transmit a message per se or is its meaningfulness determined by conditions? What are those conditions?

Ganna Gryniva and Joe Smith are searching for the answers to these questions in the context of their vocal and drum duo, creating unconventional and minimalistic music. Using and enjoying the freedom of the duo setting, they provoke and yet cling to each other in a musical dance that is choreographed in the moment. In JOGA two sounds come together and become one piece of music.


"Chumache", 2016
JoGa ft. Liz Kosack live @ Sowieso, Berlin (2017)

Euphonics ft. Stefan Schultze

Composed and com-provised soundhabitats for prepared piano and choir influenced by traditional & ritual aspects of making music and creating sound.

Stefan Schultze – Prepared piano

Nora Benamara, Nils Berek, Ganna Gryniva, Sonia Loenne, Leandra Marzluff, Marietheres Schneider, Maria Wali – Voices